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The Lotus:
Know It and Grow It
by Kelly Billing & Paula Biles
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... definitely the most
compact and informative
book on lotus there
Quotes from The Lotus
experience of a vast and
interesting subject ... a
perfect balance of words
and images.
White Lotus Aromatics
Back Cover
Designed for growers, clubs, lotus festivals,
botanical gardens, garden centers and other
resellers or gift givers.
• 101 Other Uses
• Cultural Traditions
Quick Guide for Gardeners
• Resources
Full Color Photos Throughout
The book is filled with over 100 photographs taken by lotus lovers and growers from
around the world.
Using an international mix of photos from both Nelumbo experts and artistic
photographers makes for an interesting and beautiful book.
Some images educate the reader, while others bring the true beauty of lotus to life,
often from an unusual perspective. They explain and compliment the text.
For example, here is the image that shows
how the leaves microscopically repel water --
Lotus Effect.
The extra space provides room for a stamp
or clear label with your contact information
or a promotional message.
... full of magnificent
images and most of all it is
full of factual & easy to